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Programme 19 is a bumper edition of Heathland Radio. If you haven’t got a whole 40 minutes to listen then use the numbers below to find the beginning of each item and you can listen bit by bit.

  • 2.10 Sugar-free Drinks Blindfolded Taste Test. Did you know that some scientists are now saying that sugar is as bad for you as alcohol and cigarettes? And that with drinks the so-called ‘diet’ alternatives actually cause your body to gain weight? So to offer you some delicious alternatives, Heathland Radio went in search of the best sugar-free drinks to buy or make. Daniel G and Kevin present the blindfolded taste test in which Nishi and Miss Caswell try ten different sugar-free drinks to find out for you which ones to buy and which ones to avoid.
  • 15.55 What is a Hero? Manthan and Nanthana went in search of the definition of a hero. They asked for suggestions from the playground and the staffroom before coming to their own conclusions. Have a listen to what they decided. Do you agree?
  • 21.25 Heathland News researched, written and presented by the two Daniels! News from Whitefriars, Heathland and amazing developments from the world of science.
  • 29.50 Competition Time! Kailaash and Aarini find out who won the last competition ‘What would you do if you were invisible?’. Discover who our judge, Mr Coghill, chose and hear him read the winning story.

Then Kailaash and Aarini launch the new competition Design a New Sport. Win a prize by being super-inventive: it can be anything at all. Mr Brown will be the judge, keep listening to hear his tips at the end of the next item.

To enter either put your idea in the box in the music room or email them to heathlandradio@gmail.com and please don’t forget to include your name and class so that we can give you your prize.

  • 36.50 Sports News with Nasteho and Riya. Mr Brown is the new PE coordinator and our studio guest for this programme. Find out his plans, hear him grilled about various aspects of sport at Heathland and his advice for the latest Heathland Radio competition.

Thanks for listening!

Click here for Programme 18!

Programme 18 is our second special programme for this summer term. We have turned almost the whole programme over to an extraordinary interview.
Year 3 have just finished a project about Nelson Mandela and the history of South Africa. Our special guest was Audrey Brown, a BBC World Service journalist and presenter, who brought alive this history in a really special way.
She spoke very movingly about her experience of being South African during its turbulent history as well as of being told off by Nelson Mandela – several times. Students from years 3 and 4 prepared some fantastic questions and got some riveting answers, so much so that we recorded much more than we could fit into this programme; more than an hour! It was so hard to make it shorter as all the questions and answers were so good but we got there in the end and an edited version of about 25 minutes can be heard in this programme.
You can of course also hear the latest Heathland News and we launch the latest Heathland Radio Competition. We hope you enjoy them too.
Programme 18 was bought to you by Alex, Aruthira, Danuja, Diva, Louis, Michael, Nimaladan, Sana, Sanga and Seralathan.
As always if you want to listen to individual items, rather than the whole programme at once, you can use the slide forwards to the times below:

  • Heathland News:with Michael and Danuja [1:25]
  • Special Guest Interview – Audrey Brown:The whole of year 3 wrote their own questions about the history of South Africa for the BBC journalist Audrey Brown. A selection of them were put to her by year 3 students Scarlett, Daniel and Kailaash. Then some of the year 4 radio group, Alex, Diva and Michael asked questions they had researched and written themselves about South Africa today. If you don’t have too much time you could listen to this interview in two halves, the first begins at 6 minutes and the second at 18.34. [6.00]
  • Design a New Sport Competition Could you be a winner? Win a prize by inventing a new sport. The details are in the programme and the closing date is 11th September. You can email your entry to heathlandradio@gmail.com [32.00]

Wishing you a lovely summer from all of us at Heathland Radio, thanks for listening!

Click here for Programme 17!

Programme 17

Programme 17 is a special programme containing a quiz to mark our journey towards Level 2 of our Rights Respecting School Award.

Heathland Radio already matched Mr Deanus against Miss Caswell in our first RRSA quiz in programme 11, but this time we supersized it!

Mr Brown led a team up against Miss Webb. Each team had a teacher, a parent and a pupil on it – and if you thought the last quiz was competitive, have a listen to this one.

Perhaps we encouraged the competitiveness a bit by introducing the idea of the Rights Respecting Water Pistol which could be fired by a team at the other team’s teacher, every time they got a question right.

Oh and the prize for the overall winning team was to slime Mr Deanus.

So as well as learning and testing our knowledge so far, we also had lots of fun. We hope you do too as you have a listen and play along.

We also bring you the latest Heathland News with stories from Harrow and around the world and the long-awaited result of the Mystery Rabbit competition.

Programme 17 was bought to you by Alex, Aruthira, Daniya, Diva, Louis, Michael, Nimaladan, Sana, Sanga and Seralathan.

As always if you want to listen to individual items, rather than the whole programme at once, you can use the slide forwards to the times below:

  • Heathland News:with Louis and Sana [1:40]
  • Heathland Rights Respecting Quiz:Quiz researched, written and presented by Alex, Diva and Michael [4.55]
  • Mystery Rabbit Competition with Danuja, Kyrese, Seralathan and Susan. Hear the result and the brilliant winning story [20.35]

Thanks for listening!

Click here for Programme 16!

Programme 16
As always, if you only have a little time you can listen to each item individually by scrolling forward to it; the start time for each item is in square brackets below.

  • Mystery Voice Quiz: Miss Hopkins and Oskar – go up against Team Pow – Mr Power and Shaliyah – in this head to head quiz to identify ten mystery voices chosen and presented by the quiz team Nila, Skye and Yusef. We had fun making this, why don’t you join in and play along too? [1:00]
  • Being a Thinking School:Arkiry, Jas and Skye ask what it means to be a ‘thinking school’? They talk to Mrs Edwards, Alena from Aspen class, Dennis and Daniya from Palm class and Navin from Mulberry to explore what this means and the ways in which they have been thinking differently as a result [6.20]
  • Competition Result: Mrs Edwards reveals the winners of the competition from the last programme in which the challenge was to design symbols for three of our Habits of Mind cards [15.30]
  • Heathland Radio News: Aziza and Nevaeh with the latest news from Heathland and…the beach! [16.45]
  • The Rabbit Mystery: Kyrese and Susan bring you an update on the latest Heathland Radio competition [21.55]
  • The Sports Desk with Joshua: as our school’s sports teams have largely finished their seasons, Joshua talks to Mr Tomlin about how the latest Heathland sports initiative is going [23.45]

If there’s anything you’d like to hear on Heathland Radio or if you just want to share your opinion, please write to us at heathlandradio@gmail.com
Thanks for listening!

Click here for Programme 15!

Hello and welcome to Programme 15 which is full of fun and all of it bought to you by this term’s Year 4 radio group: Arkiry, Azizah, Jas, Joshua, Kyrese, Nevaeh, Nila, Skye, Susan and Yusuf.
As always the numbers in square brackets indicate where each item begins so if you only have a little time you can find each item and listen to it separately – we hope you enjoy the programme!

  • Meet the Teacher: Kyrese and Nevaeh find out all about Miss Filson including what she’d rescue from her house if it was on fire, what her greatest fear is and what she would choose to be if she wasn’t a teacher [1.40] 
  • The Easter Egg Taste Test: Do you need help deciding which egg to ask for or buy this Easter? Azizah and Nila LOVE chocolate so they researched the history of this delicious treat and then set out to discover which type of chocolate has the top taste. Our local supermarket, Waitrose in South Harrow, generously donated ten chocolate treats to Heathland Radio.                          Thank you to Mr Mortlock, Mr Brown, Mr Ogundere and everyone else at Waitrose! Nila and Mrs Katwa were blindfolded and they had to give marks out of ten to each one. They also had to try and guess what it was! Find out which one they voted the best – and you might find it quite a surprise… [6.50]
  • Heathland News: with Jas and Susan. The latest news from Heathland, Whitefriars, Harrow and the world! [21.45
  • Heathland Radio Competition Results: Joshua and Skye reveal who won the competition to write a Christmas poem.  You can also see the winning poem and two runners up on the Heathland Radio noticeboard in the study centre [21.50]
  • Heathland Radio Design Competition:The 16 Habits of Mind cards that we use don’t have any symbols on them. Mrs Edwards would like to change that and has set the next competition that could see your drawing used by children all over our school.
    For the competition she has asked you to design symbols for three of the cards: ‘Never Give Up’, ‘Wow’ and ‘Two Brains Are Better Than One’. The winner will not only get a prize but will also win a place on the design team for all 16 card. Please put your entry in the box in the music room – but hurry the deadline is 20th March! And don’t forget to put your name and class on your entry [24.25]
  • Heathland Sports: Arkiry and Yusef bring you a bumper edition with all the latest sports news. Don’t forget the deadline for Mrs Malik’s P.E. pupil survey is now the 14th March [25.21]


Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to hear on Heathland Radio – it’s our very own radio station – you can email us on heathlandradio@gmail.com .
Thanks for listening!

Click here for Programme 14!

Hello and welcome to our last Heathland Radio programme for 2014, bringing you lots of festive cheer! As always everything in this programme has been researched, written and presented to you by our very own year 4 Heathland Radio team.
The number in the square bracket indicates the start of each item so if you don’t have time to listen to the whole programme you can use them to fast forward to your favourite bit.

  • Introduction: [0:00]
  • Christmas in U.S.A: Christmas celebrations in America by Aashna [2.00]
  • News: the latest Heathland News researched and presented to you by Taha and Ronnie [2.20]
  • CD Advertisement: Aashna and Rachel tell us all about the new Heathland CD, featuring our very own talented musicians and singers from across the School, and details on how you can buy one [6.12]
  • Christmas in Germany: Christmas celebrations in in Germany by Tabasum [7.24]
  • Best Assembly Ever: in November Heathland School hosted The Best Assembly Ever for Children in Need along with some other fundraising events, Rachel and Ronnie talk to Miss Kooner to find out more[8.04]
  • Christmas in Russia: Christmas celebrations in Russia by Aashna [10.55]
  • Competition results: from programme 13. Ananya and Tabasum reveal who the lucky winner was in our Superhero competition [11.15]
  • Christmas in Egypt: Christmas celebrations in Egypt by Tabasum [12.32]
  • St Luke’s Hospice: Children in Need got us thinking about charities and fundraising in the local community and Femi and Ananya find out more from a local charity about what they do through the year to raise money [13.12]
  • Christmas in Australia: Christmas celebrations in Australia by Tabasum [20.50]
  • Christmas Tree Festival: Taha, Femi and Ananya helped St Luke’s Hospice design a Christmas tree for the annual Christmas Tree Festival at All Saints Church in Harrow Weald [21.22]
  • Christmas in the Netherlands: Christmas celebrations in the Netherlands by Aashna [23.49]
  • New Christmas competition: Ananya and Tabasum tell us all about the new competition and how to enter for your chance to win a prize[24.42]
  • Sports news: all the latest sports news brought to you by Athi and Nazir [25.42]
  • Christmas in Lithuania: Christmas celebrations in Lithuania by Aashna [28.49]

Click here for Programme 13!

Welcome to Programme 13!

Welcome to Heathland Radio programme 13. We would like to introduce our new year 4 radio team, Rachel, Ronnie, Tabasum, Aashna, Taha, Femi, Charvi, Ananya and Athi. Everything you hear in this programme has been researched, written and presented to you by the radio team and we’re sure you will agree they have done a great job!
The number in the square bracket indicates the start of each item but if you don’t have time to listen to the whole programme you can use them to skip to your favourite bit.

            • Introduction: [0:00]
            • Official Garden Opening: let us take you back to the end of the summer term when Chris Collins the Blue Peter Gardener came to Heathland School to officially open the new rejuvenated school garden and outdoor classroom [1:00]
            • Heathland News: the latest Heathland News researched and presented to you by Rachel and Taha [6:03]
            • Forest School: have you ever wondered what Forest School is?  Well here is your chance to find out more. Femi , Aashana and Tabasum invited Jan Boresta, who runs a Forest School in the woodland at the back of All Saints Church in Harrow Weald, to come and tell them all about Forest School [10:07].
            • Camouflage Competition Results: from our last programme. We asked Miss Caswell how she decided the winner from so many brilliant entries [19:15].
            • New Heathland Radio Competition: Ananya and Charvi introduce the SUPER new competition with details of how to enter [22:00]
            • Sports News: all the latest sports news bought to you by Ronnie and Athi including the latest news on the Federation football team.

          Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to include in the next programme by emailing us at heathlandradio@gmail.com. Thank you for listening!

Click here for Programme 12!

Welcome to Programme 12!

Hello and welcome to Heathland Radio Programme 12. Are you looking for something to keep you busy this summer? Well look no further! We have lots to share with you all researched, written and presented to you by our year 4 radio team Saba, Diya, Shayan, Najma, Shaurya, Dennis, Rayal, Acksana and Vithus.

As always the numbers in the square bracket indicates the start of each item, so you can visit a particular item in the programme if you don’t have time to listen to it all at once.

              • Heathland News: All the latest news from Heathland researched and brought to you by Dennis and Vithus [0:00]
              • Harrow Reading Challenge: Najma and Shaurya interview Jo Payne from Harrow Library Services to find out about the summer reading challenge which will be running over the summer holidays. [5:20]
              • Heathland Radio Competition: : Do you know what camouflage is? Listen here to find out more and how to enter the latest Heathland competition [10:21]
              • Interview with Mrs Goldsmith: As Mrs Goldsmith retires after 25 years at Heathland, Diya and Saba ask her if she would share some of Heathland memories with us [12:39]
              • Sports Report: Dennis and Vithus bring us the latest sports news and ask Mr Deanus about the latest on the school football team [18:52]

        Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to include in the next programme by emailing us at heathlandradio@gmail.com . Thank you for listening!

Click here for Programme 11!

Welcome to Programme 11!

Hello and welcome to this the latest in our radio adventures here at Heathland. Programme 11 is packed full of great stuff, all of it researched, written and presented by this term’s Year 4 radio group Maanas, Aaliyah, Shaliyah, Arian, Apinan, Cobby, Arav, Sheeza, Oskar and Abesha.
As always the numbers in square brackets indicate where each item begins so if you only have a little time you can find each item and listen to it separately – we hope you enjoy the programme!

Each item begins at the time in square brackets.

          • Heathland Secrets: Maanas and Aaliyah present this exclusive interview with Mr Syd Dean who went to our school 80 years ago. He tells us all about life as a child right here on Eastcote Lane during the Second World War. [0:00]
          • The Heathland School History Quiz: with Shaliyah and Arian. Mrs Edwards and Mr Nathwani go up against Mrs Goldsmith and Mr Ratling to test their knowledge of our school’s history. Why don’t you play along with them? [12.00]
          • Heathland News: with Apinan and Shaliyah. All the latest news from our school. [16.40]
          • Heathland Competition: Find out who won the competition to write a story in 100 words and hear the winning entry with Cobby and Apinan [21.00]
          • Rights Respecting Quiz: Maira, Riya, Arav and Sheeza persuaded Miss Caswell and Mr Deanus to compete against each other to see how well they know the Pocket Book of Children’s Rights. Miss Caswell is convinced she’s going to win by Mr Deanus is the leader of the Rights Respecting Steering Group – who do you think wins? [24.15]
          • Sports Report: Oskar and Abesha interview Miss Jenkins about all the sports news leading up to the summer holidays [33.00]

Click here for Programme 10!

Welcome to Programme 10!

We have secrets, competitions, school news including an exclusive tour of our new outdoor classroom, Heathland sports report and a policeman in this programme. What more could you ask for?

As usual the square brackets indicate where each item begins. If you don’t have a whole 30 minutes spare to listen to the programme in one go, you can find each item using the slider above and listen to them one at a time.

Each item begins at the time in square brackets.

      • Missing Children: Shaliyah and Arian had heard about children going missing on the news and they wanted to talk to a policeman about it. Hear what happened when they invited Sergeant Stagg into the Heathland Radio studio. [0:00]
      • Heathland Secrets: Aaliyah and Maanas have been looking into the history of our school. They found some interesting secrets but they’re not going to tell you yet. They’ve made a quiz instead: hear the questions in this programme and the answers in the next one. [7:00]
      • Heathland News: Oskar and Abesha get to look around the soon-to-be-opened outdoor classroom and discover which creature has arrived in our new pond. They also talk to Mr Young from the Royal Horticultural Society to try and find out what we have to do to be successful in becoming an RHS partner school. [9:30]
      • Heathland Competition: In fact, more than one. We announce the winner of Michael Rosen’s competition to write the shortest sentence using all the letters of the alphabet. Then Arav and Sheeza launch the next one – listen in to find out what you have to do to win a prize… [19:30]
      • Sports Report: vApinan and Cobby talk to Mr Deanus about the Federation football team’s first season together and discovers his ambitions for the next one. Let’s just say he’s aiming high![23:00]

    Please let us know by emailing heathlandradio@gmail.com if there’s anything you’d particularly like us to do and you might find your idea in the next programme. Thanks for listening!

Click here for Programme 9!

We’ve got an extra special programme for you this time: this is the first ever Heathland Radio programme that is in two languages!

For this programme only we wanted to explore whether we could discover what phonics is all about and how it is taught to us here at Heathland – and as an extra challenge we decided to do it in English and Tamil!

Mrs Gohil came up with the idea – this is what she said:

‘I hope you’re as thrilled about this programme as I am. Children get really excited when it comes to learning phonics at Heathland School and I really wanted parents to share this experience.
It was really about helping parents to understand what phonics is and how they can support their children in learning phonics at home.
I hope that parents will enjoy listening to this programme and support their children in the development of language and reading through phonics!’

The English version of the programme comes first and the Tamil version can be found by moving the slider to 6.30. Happy listening!

Click here for Programme 8!

This programme is almost entirely about one subject: the poet and writer Michael Rosen who came to visit us at the end of Autumn term. We have our usual news and sports report but he does just about everything else!

Hear his wise words about writing poetry, what he thinks the world would be like without stories and all about his life including where he likes writing his poetry – no other schools have been able to have this, we’re really lucky and he’s so interesting to listen to. Tell us what you think.

Each item begins at the time in square brackets.

        • Michael Rosen Interview: Vivek, Tia, Tayeb and Daniya ask the questions.  If you don’t have a lot of time you can hear this exclusive interview with Heathland Radio in two parts.  The first half finishes at 10:05 so you can listen up to there one day and then from that point the next time. [0:00]
        • Heathland News: with Madesh and Ali. [17:55]
        • Heathland Radio Competition: the Michael Rosen challenge: Enter the latest competition set by Michael Rosen. You have to write the shortest sentence possible using all the letters of the alphabet. Michael gave the example ‘The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. You are allowed to use the same letter more than once but you can’t use any of the words from his example except ‘the’ and ‘over’. You can enter by emailing heathlandradio@gmail.com or by putting your entry into the box in the Music Room.  Don’t forget to include your name and class. The winner will get a prize!. [20:30]
        • Results of the Heathland Radio Joke Competition: with Mahdi. [22:00]
        • Sports Results: Emmanuel talks to Miss Jenkins about the latest High 5 match [24:40]

Don’t forget to let us know if you have suggestions for anything you would like to hear – this is your Radio Station!!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Heathland Radio!!

Click here for Programme 7!

This is the first programme for Heathland Radio that has been produced by Year 4 pupils. They have done everything: coming up with ideas for items, researching them, thinking of questions to ask interviewees, writing scripts and then recording it all.

I hope once you’ve heard it you’ll agree with me that they’ve done an incredible job. As well as news and sport from across the school you’ll hear why there are at least two things that should be on your wish list leading up to Christmas…not gifts exactly but things you can do. Listen in to find out more.

We’re already working on programme 8 in which we’ll announce the winner of our joke competition. The deadline is the 13th December – send yours in now and you could hear it on our next programme and win a prize. You can email your joke to heathlandradio@gmail.com or put it in the Heathland Radio joke competition box in the music room.

Thanks for listening!

Kirsty and the Heathland Radio Team

In this programme :

        • Heathland News: Heathland News with Riya and Tia. [1.13]
        • Please don’t stop the music!: with Ali, Daniya and Maira[5.10!]
        • Heathland Competition: send us your favourite joke and the winner will go into our next programme’s Christmas Cracker. [13.25]
        • Meet the Teacher: Mahdi, Maira and Madesh meet Mrs Edwards. [14.05]
        • Be Eco!: with Emmanuel and Vivek [20.10]
        • Sports News: Tayeb and Ali talk to out new PE chief, Miss Jenkins and Mr Deanus as he launches the new Federation football team. [24.30]

Click here for Programme 6!

It’s the summer! We’ve got some exciting stuff to keep you refreshed through the sun and the thunderstorms.

We go on a trip to Kingswood to find out what happened there this year; we find out all about Mrs Hale in Meet the Teacher – bet you’d never guess what her hobby is – and while we’re on the subject of guessing, we finally reveal which member of Heathland school staff recently spent the weekend in prison! If you don’t know what we’re talking about, you need to listen to programme 5…

…and for those of you thinking about what it’ll be like to move up a year in September; we’ve been thinking about that too. Have a listen to our Moving Up feature to remember what it felt like to go up a class when you were little and some thoughts about coping with the changes from Year 6.

There’s lots else to hear too so grab yourself an ice cream/some shade/an umbrella and listen on.

In this programme :

          • Heathland News: researched and written by Vanessa and Savraj, read by Tanya and Savraj. [0.00]
          • Heathland Secret: Yes – we finally reveal which teacher has just been to prison…Mahananth and Sajagan lead the investigation…blindfolded! [we’re not telling you where this is in the programme…listen to find it!]
          • Moving Up: We discuss moving up a year with Heathland children in three year groups that are making particularly special changes. Dylan talks to Anshi and Aarna who will no longer be the youngest in the school as they move from Reception class to Year 1; , Kader speaks to Kanye and Liu who are moving up to Key Stage 2 in Year 3 and Savraj speaks to Year 6’s Abirami and Kivraj who are leaving for High School. [7.25]
          • Meet the Teacher: Tanya, Dylan and Kader meet Mrs Hale and hear about her most embarrassing moment and much else too. [13.06]
          • Heathland Report: What happened at Kingswood this year? [18.25]
          • Meet the School council: We find out what it’s like being on the school council in the latest in our behind-the-scenes series. [24.03]
          • Sports Report: Mano presents a bumper sports report including all the latest football news and reflections on sports day from Jenna. [31.15]

Click here for Programme 5!

For this, our fifth programme we took our inspiration from international spy James Bond and here’s why:

We tell you a massive Heathland Secret – and this time we set you the challenge of discovering whose it is!

We interrogate our school Governors – with questions sent in by you.

We get to know Miss Jenkins with lots of charming questions in our new feature, Meet The Teacher.

We research the facts about our favourite author, Roald Dahl, including which James Bond film he wrote. Then we find some fun ways of sharing them with you.

We sniff out the story about school sports day and find out more about the teacher who runs it.

And as well as our usual news and sports reports we also have our own theme tune in the form of the results of the Heathland Radio Singing Competition. Hear the finalists sing!

We hope you enjoy the programme. Don’t forget to let us know if there’s anything you particularly want us to do or if you want to comment on a programme, just email on heathlandradio@gmail.com

In this programme :

          • Meet the Teacher: Jenna, Ajmal, Mahananth and Sajagan meet Miss Jenkins [0.00]
          • Roald Dahl Quiz and Fun Facts: Vanessa, Kader and Ragithan quiz Roald Dahl fans Deago and Hasnain and then present Fun Facts in 30 seconds [5.40]
          • Heathland News: with Tanya and Jenna [11.00]
          • Heathland Secrets [16.20]
          • Heathland Competition:  Aingaran and Mano hear the finalists in the singing competition and – along with Mr Smith as a third judge – decide the result [16.55]
          • Behind the Scenes: Meet the Governors Dylan, Savraj and Vanessa meet three of our Governors Lynne Malzard, Ayha Khanom and Una Cloherty – and put your questions to them [27.54]
          • Heathland Sports: with Savraj, Aingaran and Mano [35.55]

Click here for Programme 4!

This programme marks a double celebration. The Federation Music Festival, which happened in the Spring Term, was a celebration both of the creation of our Federation – the bringing together of Heathland and Whitefriars Schools – and also a celebration of all the music we play.

In this programme you can hear from all of the percussion workshops that happened during the week. The radio team went to all four of them: Gamelan, West African Drumming, Samba and Body Percussion. So if you want to know what happened there or you don’t know what any of them are – or even what percussion is – listen and find out.

We also interview Mr Spruce about the ideas behind creating the Federation of Heathland and Whitefriars and what it’s done for our schools. He tells us about what music means to him and why he is annoying!

There are lots of other things to hear including Heathland News and Sport – we hope you have as much fun listening to the programme as we had making it.

If you’d like to hear any, or all, of the fantastic Final Concert which took place at Whitefriars at the end of the Festival, please find the link here on the Heathland Radio website.

In this programme :

          • What Does Music Mean to You? a few of you tell us[1:45]
          • Is Music Important? Zaahi has been doing some research.[2:10]
          • Gamalan /workshop Hasnain and Deago went to Whitefriars to take part and interview workshop leader and Gamelan expert Mike Simpson.[4:25]
          • Did Mr. Smith survive?? Gapilan, Khushi, Aadarsha and Rahma find out what it was like organising the Federation Music Festival and whether there were any surprises for him, musical or otherwise. [10:25]
          • Samba workshop with Raul D’Oliveira – Kedaija and Nabiha went to find out more about the infectious Brazilian rhythms and what Samba does for you beyond music. [14.30]
          • Heathland News with Khushi and Sujan. [19.25]
          • West African Drumming Workshop with Becky Brown Deago and Hasnain explore the Jembo. [20.50]
          • Heathland Report: The Federation Amani, Susmitha and Richie talk to Mr Spruce about the Federation at 6 months old and what it’s like to be a headteacher. [25.10]
          • Body Percussion with Ollie Turner what is Body Percussion? Join Kedaija to discover more. [31.35]
          • Heathland Sports Zaahi gives us the sports news and talks to Rahma, Aadarsha, Nabiha and Richie about the Heathland Hi 5 team results. [35.45]
          • Listen Out And listen out for our musical sign-off…[39.20]

Thanks for listening!

Click here for Programme 3!

Hello and welcome to Heathland Radio’s third programme! There has been so much going on in the last half term that this programme is packed full of some of the fun things that have been happening at Heathland – and has details about some of the great things to come.

In this programme:

          • Heathland News with Zaahi and Rahma
          • Federation Music Festival Preview The Federation Music Festival was great! Our next programme will be all about it. But first, Nabiha and Amani talked to Mr Smith ahead of the festival to give you a taster of what you will hear in the next programme and manage to make him speechless with their last question!
          • All About Advertising Rahma and Zaahi discuss the pros and cons with Mrs Goldsmith
          • Heathland Competition : Aadarsha and Hasnain reveal the winner of the latest competition – to design an advert for Heathland School. Hear the winner’s advert!
          • We Are Obsessed By.. Susmitha and Khushi find out all there is to know about something they can’t get enough of. Have a listen: how quickly can you guess what it is?
          • French Week Report Sujan, Richie, Gapilan, Hasnain and Aadarsha hear from Ms O’Brien about the importance – and fun – of French
          • Rules for Living Following on from last programme’s ’20 things to do before you leave Heathland’, The Heathland Radio team have created some suggestions about what we should and shouldn’t do when we’re grown up – and set them to music!
          • Sports Report Deago hears about the final match of the football season and Kedaija talks to Miss Elgey about Hi 5 as the first couple of matches are played

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This is the second programme made by Heathland Radio’s first — pioneering! — group of young journalists and producers. Thank you to Kiera, Baasim, Altin, Vanessa, Shakeel, Natalia, Habeeb, Sarah, Gowtham, Fatima, Ivan, Rowan and Urvi for all their hard work. Thank you too to everyone who we interviewed and who appeared as our guests.

So sit back, relax and listen to our second programme, but have a think as you listen about all the different ways we tell stories in this programme.

Sometimes we let the people we interview tell the story all by themselves, like in the Working at Christmas feature. Even though we asked them lots of questions, it isn’t always necessary to keep our questions in the final radio piece — it’s a bit like a book or a story told almost entirely through dialogue.

At other times we not only take part in the story ourselves, like in our Uniform Debate, but we can also be narrators at the same time. That sounds a bit complicated but have a listen and you’ll see what we mean.

And sometimes a good old—fashioned chat can reveal all kinds of things — listen out for this half term’s Heathland Secret!

There’s lots more to hear too — we hope you enjoy it. And keep your suggestions coming in for the next programme, we start work in the new year.

In this programme:

          • Heathland News selected, written and read by Rowan and Urvi
          • Headteacher for the Day Competition results with Fatima
          • Heathland Secrets with Ivan and Gowtham
          • Working at Christmas feature with Vanessa, Altin, Natalia and Habeeb
          • 20 things to do before you leave Heathland The Heathland Radio team
          • Heathland Report: School Uniform with Sarah, Shakeel, Baasim and Kiera
          • Interview with Emmanuel, a headteacher from Uganda with Natalia, Habeeb and Vanessa
          • Heathland Style! written and performed by Mano, Diego and Thas
          • Sports Report by Altin
          • Match Report with Ivan and Aingaran
          • We Wish You a Merry Christmas performed by the Heathland Choir

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