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Questions & Answers

Before Starting School

What do I need to provide for my child so that s/he is ready for school?

Is there anything else I can do to prepare my child for school?

The School Day

What time does school start?

Where can I park if I come by car?

Can I come in to the school in the morning to help my child hang up his/her coat / talk to the teacher etc?

What if we are late?

What if my child has forgotten something that s/he will need at school?

When does my child have breaks?

Can I take my child home for lunch?

Does the school provide my child with lunch?

What time does the school finish?

What if I’m late to pick up my child?


What if my child cannot attend school?

What if  I need to pick up my child early?

Can I take my child for a holiday during term time?


What shall I do if my child is having problems at school (or outside school but which may affect his/her schooling?

What shall I do if I have a concern or comment?

My child’s progress

When will I meet my child’s teacher and how do I know how my child is progressing?