PE & Sport Premium

PE & Sport Premium

What is the purpose of the funding?

SailingAfter The London Olympics and Paralympics Games in 2010, the Government was determined to secure a significant and lasting legacy from the games where they wanted to continue to inspire the nation to enjoy sports. Therefore the Government announced that a new funding of £150 million was available to schools for physical education and sport. This funding is to be used to improve the quality of PE and sport provision.

What is our aim?

At the Heathland Whitefriars Federation we aim to provide pupils with self-awareness and confidence to manage themselves in a variety of situations and experiences. We provide physical activity during the school day as well as extra-curricular clubs afterschool.

The school currently provides a minimum of 2 hours of PE every week where skills are taught through each PE lesson. We also offer a wide variety of sports provision after school, both through our own staff and through outside providers.

The school uses the considerable additional pupil premium funding imaginatively and effectively to enable all pupils to achieve equally well”

“Pupils enjoy the exceptional range of opportunities they have to take part in sport…”

                                                                                                                       (OFSTED Report : 2014)

What do we offer?

We have an enriched PE curriculum where we offer children a range of different sport activities. This is made up of games, gymnastics, athletics, dance and swimming. (Year 5 attend swimming lessons once a week at a local pool).

Coaches from Watford FC (football), London Broncos (Rugby Union) and Saracens (Tag Rugby) have been working with our staff and pupils, providing them with the opportunity to further develop their physical competence in these games.

What are the extra-curricular activities?

Wall ClimbAt the Heathland Whitefriars Federation we understand the importance of sport in our curriculum and in the lives of all our pupils. We are determined to provide an extensive range of sporting opportunities for as many pupils as possible.

Our pupils have a range of physical activities on offer that they can choose from during playtime and lunchtime. We also have a trained PE coach who works with children from KS2 during lunch times teaching them a range of different skills for different sports. KS1 pupils are coached by our Sports Leaders who as well as coaching younger children are also developing leadership skills. We have a wide range of sports clubs in school including football, netball, rounders, skipping, athletics, hockey, cross-country, korfball, gymnastics, dance, cricket and multi-sports.  Details of all our current clubs are available on our clubs page (

We also offer our pupils a range of outdoor adventure activities. Pupils participate in activities such as orienteering, rock climbing, sailing, high ropes and archery.

What competitions do we participate in?

Currently our pupils have participated in a number of different competitions. These include Cross Country, Football League, Netball Rally, KS1 Sports Festival and Dance showcase.

In the near future we will also be participating in Borough Sports, Cricket, Hockey, Korfball, Tag Rugby, Athletics and Gymnastic competitions too.

All our pupils from Nursery to Year 6 participate in Sports Day which is held in the Summer Term.

Number of pupils and total grant received 2013-14  
Lump Sum £8000
Total number of pupils on roll (Year 1-6) 530
Total additional premium £5 per head) £2650
Total grant expected £10650

Number of pupils and total grant received 2014-15  
Lump Sum £8000
Total Number of Pupils on Roll (Year 1-6) 541
Total Additional Premium (£5 per head) £2705
Total Grant Expected £10705

Number of pupils and total grant received 2015-16  
Lump Sum £8000
Total number of pupils on roll (Year 1-6) 548
Total additional premium (£5 per head) £2740
Total grant expected £10740

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