At Heathland, we believe in the importance of equipping pupils with the technological skills that they need in order to become productive and successful participants in the digital world we live in. The computing curriculum at Heathland aims to encourage pupils to become resilient problem solvers, when working as an individual and working as a team. Lessons are planned to inspire the pupils to develop their critical thinking when designing, testing and implementing solutions using digital technology. We create learning experiences that integrate a variety of thinking tools to support our pupils to be inquisitive and develop transferable skills to other areas of the curriculum.

Online Safety

There is a focus on online safety when children begin using devices at the beginning of each year, which is then woven into lessons throughout the remaining terms. Pupils are taught and regularly reminded how to safely use the internet when watching videos, playing games and using mobile devices. We communicate regularly with parents when we have online safety information which may support parents in keeping children safe at home.


The three key stands to the curriculum are as follows:

Programming and Development / Computer Science:

This involves algorithms, coding in a variety of languages, and developing a deeper understanding as to how networks and digital technology works

Information Technology:

This involves the use of word processors, spreadsheets, graphing and presentations

Online Safety / Digital Literacy:

This involves the understanding of the significance of being safe online and keeping personal data safe whilst using the internet.