Eco School

At Heathland we have been busy thinking about how we can be eco-friendly and ensure that we make good decisions that will have an impact on our planet. We believe that the sustainability and conservation of our planet is key and this is underpinned throughout our curriculum and in our teaching and learning.

We have started our journey to eco success with Eco Schools and have already achieved our Bronze and Silver awards! We know our next steps and with the commitment and enthusiasm of the Eco Warriors and everyone at Heathland we know that we are well on our way to achieving the ‘Green Flag’ which is the top Eco-Schools award.

What is Eco-Schools?

The Eco-Schools programme is the largest sustainable schools programme in the world. Currently, the programme is running in 43 countries around the world, involving 27,000 schools, 6,000,000 students, 400,000 teachers and 4,000 local authorities.  Keep Britain Tidy run Eco-Schools in England, there are currently over 12,100 schools registered, over 55% of schools in England!

The Eco Warriors, both staff warriors and children warriors, are co-ordinating our progress through the 9 topics. The overall aim of the project is to work together to make our schools ‘greener’.

Our Eco-Warriors have carried out an environmental review of our school, so we can decide which of the nine Eco-Schools topics we should concentrate on this year. We were pleased with our findings, and have identified ‘Global Perspectives’ as our area for development.

We have an active Eco Committee that organises Eco Weeks with special visitors and events. The committee carry out an annual Eco Review and make a plan to keep us green.