Happy Harrow Project

This year Heathland School have been selected to take part in the Happy Harrow Project organised by the ‘Art of Brilliance’ and of course we are outstandingly happy about it! Our Year 5 have been put in charge of being our very own ‘Heathland Happiness Heroes’ and are working to spread the word and spread the happy!

Getting Started
In January our Year 5 went along to the Kadwar Patidar Centre and joined 500 other Harrow pupils to start our Happiness journey. It was a brilliant day hosted by Will from the Art of Brilliance who took us through some of the key ingredients to being the best you can be and living your best life. We learned so much and there were a lot of smiles and laughter throughout the day. We came away with some work to do and we were determined to help others too!

Spreading the Word

Since then we have spread the word and shared some of the main ingredients so that everyone can benefit from what we have learnt about:

Being the Best Version of You!

The Ripple Effect

The Sausage Machine of Life

2% ‘ers and Mood Hoovers

Doing it Better than You Have To!

Year 5 Happiness Heroes

Our Year 5 Happiness Heroes are busy spreading the kindness and are looking forward to showing you what we have been working on very soon!

Challenge 1: Spread the key happiness messages throughout your school community

Challenge 2: Develop a growth mindset by taking on a class challenge (teachers get involved too!)

Challenge 3: Understand your impact! Plan, organise and carry out an ‘Acts of Kindness Day’ throughout the school and community