At Heathland, we believe that learning experiences in history should be immersive allowing children to be into the shoes of a historian as they partake in enquiry-based learning. Our topics pose ‘big’ questions and are delivered through high quality teaching which integrates a skill-based approach within each lesson. As pupils progress, they will be able to scrutinise the validity of evidence and offer their own opinions and perspectives on past and current historical debates. Pupils will develop coherent knowledge of Britain’s past and undertake in comparative studies to explore the impact of significant events and people. Our curriculum design ensures that children make connections between different time periods, and that they are able to get a sense of the chronology of the civilisations they study. This begins with gaining an understanding of what the past and present is in the EYFS, before beginning to explore new time periods across different parts of the world. We believe it is vital to equip our pupils with knowledge of world history and plan for comparative studies of history across the world.

Artefacts & Sources

Children have access to a range of physical and printed resources that help them to understand the time period and civilisation that they are studying. The use of artefacts within the classroom promotes enquiry skills and helps bring learning experiences to life. We own and rent topic boxes to support the teaching and learning of our subjects. Children are also encouraged to create their own artefacts to deliver exhibitions.

Children are taught develop their own perspective and judgement through interacting with sources and performing evaluations. This higher-level thinking allows them to develop their group and independent enquiry skills, which are at the foundation of this subject.

Trips & Visits

We believe in the importance of developing our pupil’s cultural capital and creating memorable learning experiences. We do this through planning engaging and interactive trips and visits to compliment topics. We also welcome visitors to bring to life learning experiences from the past. For example, Year 6 enjoy an immersive Ancient Egyptian day and Year 3 create a Stone Age exhibition. We welcome parents and visitors to share their knowledge and account of history within the living memory. Please look out for updates and key dates on our twitter.