At Heathland we believe that learning in music is the celebration of listening and appraising, composing and performing in a variety of forms. Our children develop a love for music as an art form and medium of expression. Music is taught through half-termly topics using the Charanga scheme across the school, and the Harrow Music Service ‘Musics Cool’ scheme for Years 4-6, where expert music tutors visit classes to teach for half an hour per week.

We have specialist music tuition for keyboard, violin and viola, and guitar in partnership with Harrow Music Services. We encourage children to showcase their musical achievements and talent in class assemblies, school performances and as part of wider projects within the local area. Year groups embark on a performance which often involves showcasing singing and other aspects of performing. Classes also use music within curricular learning to consolidate learning in a variety of subjects.

Music's Cool

Musics Cool is a structured, progressive syllabus which allows flexibility of material and ensures progression. Weekly 30 minute lessons lead by a Musics Cool Tutor which is followed by a weekly follow-up/practice session lead by class teacher. Singing is central to the programme and considered a vital skill for ALL musicians. It is also important for children to have experience of trying a wide range of instruments, and the sessions aim to make music fun, whilst learning skills that can impact on the whole curriculum. Children get experience of reading and writing notation and the class teacher is integral to the process, by engaging, learning and structuring guided practice sessions and opportunities for further learning.