Pupil Council

Rights Respecting Council

At Heathland School we have a very active Pupil Council who are divided into three subgroups:

Health and Wellbeing Committee

We represent our right to life and to be healthy and the global goal of having good health and wellbeing. We aim to make sure everyone has god mental health and feels safe and happy at school.

Taking Action Committee

We represent the right to be listened to and partnership for the global goals. Our aim is to take action around the school by helping in the garden, doing litter picking to make sure the school is eco-friendly and helping the planet.

Equality Committee

We represent that all children have rights no matter what! We are passionate about our global goal to reduce inequalities by making sure that we value our rights and are all treated equally.

There are 2 representatives from every class from Year 1-6.  We collect the views of the pupils in our classes and we share what pupils have said when we have our Pupil Council meetings at least every half term.  We make sure that our school is a place where everyone does their best and wants to come to every day. Children talk about the things that are important to them at school and think about what they would like to change.

As a Pupil Council, we also help to raise lots of money for international, national and local Charities. These have included Comic Relief, UNICEF, Harrow MENCAP, St Luke’s Hospice, Harrow Foodbank and Diabetes UK.

Being a Pupil Councillor is a very popular role here at Heathland and we really enjoy being part of it.

At Heathland we have been busy thinking about how we can be eco-friendly and ensure that we make good decisions that will have an impact on our planet. We believe that the sustainability and conservation of our planet is key and this is underpinned throughout our curriculum and in our teaching and learning.

We have started our journey to eco success with Eco Schools and have already achieved our Bronze and Silver awards! We know our next steps and with the commitment and enthusiasm of the Eco Warriors and everyone at Heathland we know that we are well on our way to achieving the ‘Green Flag’ which is the top Eco-Schools award.

Eco Warriors

Our team of Eco Warriors, led by the Rights Respecting Council, include both staff warriors and child warriors, are working together to make our schools ‘greener’. We have an active Eco Committee who carry out an annual Eco Review and make a plan to keep us green. They are responsible for communicating eco messages to the school, litter picking, monitoring water and energy usage and promoting reusing and recycling across the school In addition, they work with Sports Leaders to ensure playground equipment is looked after. They are part of a group who encourage others to walk to school and promote local shopping and growing of food.