Religious Education

At Heathland School, we follow the Harrow approved ‘SACRE’ RE guidance. The RE curriculum is planned to develop pupil’s understanding of the different beliefs, and how and why these affect individuals and society. We aim to create an awareness of how we should treat everyone with equity regardless of what religion they are.

We aim to develop pupil’s knowledge and understanding of all religions, their practices, language and traditions as well as their influences on individuals, communities, societies and cultures. Pupil’s will, for example, find out that many religions are similar, for example having a holy book and place of worship and are connected by events and stories of the past. They will discuss religious themes in greater depth, and reflect on their own beliefs and those of others.

We make clear links between our RE curriculum and our PSHE curriculum, and many of our rights are explored through this learning. Pupils have the opportunity to develop their understanding of our school values through their reflections on different religions they learn about, as well as their discussion, debate and research skills. RE allows children to reflect on wider questions about the world.

Places of Worship

Visiting different places of worship help pupil’s to become aware of what happens in different religions and develops their understanding of the world. Religious celebrations are acknowledged, with staff members using the opportunity to share their own celebrations with pupils. We work under the premise that a theologian is curious, respectful and able to articulate their own beliefs and those of others.