At Heathland, we aim to develop children’s key scientific knowledge and concepts and provide first hand experiences that engage and develop a deeper understanding of the world. We view the STEAM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) as crucial to a rounded school experience.  Our broad and challenging curriculum gives pupils a full opportunity to develop their own understanding of the world in which they live now and will do in the future. We teach investigative skills from Nursery to Year 6 as this is an important process of science learning.

Practical Learning

We have the use of our science room and outdoor learning area that we use to ensure that science learning is taught in a meaningful way. Every science lesson taught has a practical element which develops the children’s engagement in their learning. This also has a lasting impact on their scientific development. This develops the children’s key scientific knowledge of concepts and provides first hand experiences that engage and develop a deeper understanding of the world.


Investigations are used to help children further their understanding by applying this knowledge in new contexts. At Heathland pupils learn how to form predictions, design and create their own experiments and record their own results considering the variables in order to ensure that their data is valid.

Investigations start in Nursery and are completed every year up to Year 6. The following are some of the types of questions that children will work on answering through investigations:

  • What material is best to build a strong structure?
  • What are the best conditions for plants to grow in?
  • How can animals adapt to a changing habitat?


At Heathland, we have our science room which is well-stocked with a selection of resources that cover all areas of the curriculum. These resources are used by children within their learning to improve their working scientifically skills. Examples of science resources that we use include: wires, lightbulbs and batteries to create a circuit, glass thermometers, torches, variety of rock types and models of bones and teeth. Heathland also has an outdoor learning classroom used to explore our microhabitats within our school grounds, which includes a variety gardens and a pond.


Each year, we hold a STEAM themed week in the Spring, where children have the opportunity to take part in themed workshops, talk to professionals who work in these fields, for example engineers and construction workers, and showcase projects they have been working on in class and at home. This ensures children have exposure to a range of careers and begin to understand the impact these roles can have on our daily lives.